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We set up in 2020 with the vision of looking for a potential to change the agriculture drainage sector. It was formed by Brother Matthew and Peter Axup with Guidance from their father Robert. Matthew, who was a first-generation farmer, saw the increase in the cost of pipe when looking at trying to drain his land. First, he thought something needed to be done to reduce the pipe and if anything could be done to help increase the yield of his crops.

The family investigated sourcing alternative products and found some recycled products that reduced the pipe cost. While researching the products, they saw the potential extra benefits of the oil retention qualities. That has led them to manufacture a product that can help the world become more sustainable by reducing waste and having the added benefits of reducing oil pollution.



With this philosophy as our guiding compass, we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world of drainage and sanitation, leaving a lasting legacy of progress and sustainability.

At Parm Drainage, we are passionate about providing innovative and efficient solutions in the field of drainage and sanitation. As industry leaders, we take pride in our expertise and commitment to excellence in every project we undertake. Our team comprises highly skilled engineers and drainage specialists who work diligently to design and implement advanced and environmentally-friendly drainage systems. From conception to implementation and maintenance, we ensure that every aspect of our projects meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


At Parm Drainage, our vision is to stand as a distinguished global leader in providing cutting-edge drainage and sanitation solutions. We aspire to revolutionise the industry by continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to set new standards and achieve remarkable milestones in the field of drainage technology.


Our mission is to lead the industry in drainage and sanitation solutions, enriching lives and preserving the environment. Through innovation and efficiency, we make a positive impact in every community we serve. By infusing every project with innovation and a dedication to efficiency, we strive to create a lasting and positive impact in the diverse communities we have the privilege to serve.


We are guided by the highest ethical and professional standards, maintaining transparency in all our actions and decisions.

We are dedicated to meeting our clients' expectations, providing reliable and high-performance solutions.

We embrace creativity and technology to develop industry-leading drainage solutions.

We foster a culture of collaboration, where every member of our team contributes to collective success.